Scribbles Challenge


He was the darkness that made the wildflowers appear even prettier than what they truly were as their soft petals blossomed with dew drops upon the dawning of a new day. They beckoned him amongst the tall tall trees and flickering fireflies until he could hear the echo of a beating heart, the heart that he once recognised as his own.


His presence was amplified by effervescent drops of jupiter, and the stillness and peace that permeated amongst those tall trees were heavenly until a soft breeze invaded his lips, and all he could taste was the essence of a love that wandered through the woods, in search of his breath to sustain her during moments of his unrest.


Nature, was unaware when the gentle flutters of butterflies graced him with their kisses, until her lips were bruised from the bee stung she endured whilst lying amongst the field of flowers, entertaining herself with his heightened carnality as he stripped her senses bare, and invaded the delicate folds of her wonderous need as they merged upon one another, in the forest of eternal twilight.


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Comments (2)

  1. T3wig

    I was transformed. Into anther world. Part of a tree that blossoms blooms as the mounds unfold. Each sensation produced another…new meaning. Stuck like wildflowers to the body. Honey that was good.

    May 08, 2017
    1. shadowstarz

      Thanks for leaving a few words on this page !

      May 08, 2017